Car scratch remover learn how to prevent common auto scuffs and car paint scatches that require a c

Car Scratch Remover – Learn How To Prevent Common Auto Scuffs And Car Paint Scatches That Require A Car Scratch Remover

Have you ever wondered why YOUR car seems to be a car scratch magnet? Causing you to look for a car scratch remover. There could be multiple reasons…however I am going to focus on just two today. Did you know that by simply keeping your car clean you will avoid the most common of everyday scratches that make your car look horrible in the bright sunshine this summer?

Cause #1: This is because dust and grit that is allowed to set on the paint finish imbeds itself, from overnight condensation and then bakes on in the hot sun the next day. It acts like sand paper when you or your friendly shopping mall neighbor brushes against it…or horror of horrors…you or someone at the mall sets a cardboard box or packages etc on top of YOUR hood or trunk while the car keys are found. It may as well be sandpaper…because that is exactly what it is however the “sand” is on the car and the box just grinds across the paint, and loosens up the grit therefore inflicting some serious clear coat scratches. A high quality car scratch remover system will remove scratches like this. 

Washing your car once a week is a good start, I might suggest that you wash it by hand with premium micro fiber mitts and a high quality pH balanced shampoo. Think of it as spending quality time with your car that unfailingly takes you to work and play everyday without complaints.  Do not use dish washing soap under any circumstances…it will remove any wax protection you have and also it is very harsh on plastic and rubber…leave it in the kitchen where it belongs. There are some very specific techniques to wash a car by hand properly…and it doesn’t mean you need to spend a day doing it…if you know the tricks…you can wash a properly in under 30 min. I think that is a small price to take care of what is most people’s second largest investment. Additionally, having a high quality car scratch remover always close by will give you peace of mind knowing that you can keep your car looking nice no matter what.

Cause #2: Wax or sealant …or the lack of. We all know, or I think we all know that protecting the paint finish of our vehicle is important…very important. However it seem that most of us think that modern paint technology is so good that it really doesn’t need much help to stay looking nice. While modern paint tech is absolutely light years superior to paint of just 10 years ago…it still requires protection to stay looking nice for years to come. So using a wax or sealant or hybrid wax/sealant is important for more reasons than you might expect. Not keeping your car protected with a high quality wax or sealant is just asking for scratches and the need for a quality car scratch remover to make it shine like new.   

Wax and or sealant protects the paint finish from the environment natural and manmade. Pollution fallout in rain…is like throwing a mild acid on your vehicle! Tree fallout, bird doo, insect splats are all chemicals that attack a vehicles paint. I am sure you have seen the result of a bird drop that was left to bake in the hot sun on a dark color car; yep it etches right in to the paint. Depending on how quickly you address a bird dropping a high quality car scratch remover may save the day. Another natural environmental attach on your paint is the sun. The sun attacks unprotected paint and in the most extreme cases results in what I am sure everyone has seen, cars that look like they have some kind of white scale all over. This is…or should I say…was the clear coat. The clear coat is the top coat of paint on modern cars that protects the base color from everyday bumps and scratches and the sun too.  However it must be maintained to make it last a long time.

A high quality hybrid wax/sealant applied twice a year (summer and winter) is your best bet to keep natural environment attacks at bay and also close encounters with absent minded people at the shopping mall. It makes the paint slippery so that dust and grit do not stick very well and it makes the paint resistant to minor scuffs and scratches. It also keeps the paint properly nourished so it does not dry out and begins to fail. It also gives UV protection as well. Think of it as sun screen for your car.

In the end it is easy to keep your car from being a scratch magnet by keeping your car clean and properly protected. Dust and grit cannot attach to the paint therefore it tends to stay cleaner all by itself…and when you do wash it …the dust and grit come off without a fight.  However no matter how you protect your car finish, common scratches and scuffs are a normal part of life.  A high quality car scratch remover that is clear coat safe, gentle and effective is your best line of defense to maintain the value of your car, which in most cases for us is the second largest investment we make.

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