Water fuel cells are your looking to save massive amount of money

Water Fuel Cells – are Your Looking to Save Massive Amount of Money?

The high gas prices are making it difficult for people to cut down their cost of running a car. People are very much restless and looking forward to the development of cars which run on water. The creation of water fuel cells is the answer to all your worries. Not only will it cut the cost of running a car but also increase gas mileage to a greater extent.

A lot of studies are being made on the use of hydrogen power in a vehicle. The best part of using hydrogen power is its cost effectiveness. Moreover, the use of hydrogen will only bring out one byproduct which is water. The use of water fuel cells in the engine of the car will lead to increased gas mileage and cleaner environment. Water fuel cells are fitted under the hood of a car and look more like a quart shaped vessel.

Water fuel cells, also known as hydrogen fuel cells, are filled up with water and a little bit of baking soda are added to it. One section of the machine is fitted to the exhaust of the engine in the car which in turn pumps out the exhausted fuel. Another part of the water fuel cell is connected to the carburetor of the engine. The electric power is generated by the car battery into the water. The electric power helps to break the baking soda into hydrogen and water. Thus, the uses of hydrogen generators are being popular day by day.

As baking soda breaks down to hydrogen and water, this hydrogen is converted to a gas which goes back to the carburetor and burns the extra fuel. This gas is popularly known as HHO or the Brown gas. This entire procedure improves the engine’s efficiency by almost 100%. The hydrogen fuel cells are affordable and can be fitted in any kind of a vehicle. A person who wants to create a water fuel cell needs to purchase only four gallons of distilled water and a box of baking soda. Both of these will cost only about $ 5, compared to how much you have to pay for gas, it is nothing.

Water fuel cells are cost effective, easy to create and free of pollution. The use of water for gas is being adapted presently by the automotive industry. These cheaper modes of running a car will lead to cost reduction throughout the year. You can also claim your IRS tax refund by running a car which is extremely environment friendly.

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