Hydrogen car kits prebuilt vs doityourself

Hydrogen Car Kits: Pre-built VS Do-It-Yourself

If you are considering water powering your car by installing one of those hydrogen generator gas saving devices, you will be facing two available options: Buying a pre-made hho gas generator system or making one yourself using inexpensive items you can buy at most home improvement centers.

The truth is, while buying a pre-made hydrogen fuel cell generator system may seem like an attractive choice at first, there is a hidden downside that you can completely avoid by using a quality do-it-yourself water hybrid conversion system.

Besides the fact that it’s more expensive, the main problem is the quality and longevity of pre-made hho devices. The reason for this is that this whole water hybrid conversion craze is moderately new. It’s also a highly unregulated industry created by do-it-yourselfers. When purchasing one of these pre-built hho devices, you don’t really know what to expect long term.

Sure some work well for a while, but what happens in 2 months from now when parts start to come loose and corrode. If you don’t build the unit yourself, you can’t control the level of quality which is why most of these pre-assembled ready-to-install kits (usually slapped together in a couple of hours in someone’s living room) don’t last very long at all.

Think about it. In such a new industry, why would the makers of these hho gas conversion kits spend the extra money and time to make sure your unit lasts past 3 months. The reality is, it’s an unregulated market and they really don’t have to.

This is why I believe it is a much better option to just stick to a high quality, proven do-it-yourself water for fuel system. One that lets you choose what level of quality you put into your hho device, while saving you money on the front end and long term.

However, if you still insist on taking your chances with pre-assembled ready-to-install hydrogen fuel cell generators, make sure you’re getting a quality unit by asking the following important questions first!

1: How Many Stainless Steel Plates Does The Unit Use In It’s Plate Stack?

Quality hydrogen generator kits (with high output and great efficiency) use 16 plates in the plate stack which must be sanded down with 36 grit sandpaper first. Settling for anything less is like settling for saving 20% gas rather than 50%. It’s your choice. (Also insure plate grade is 308, 316 or higher.)

2: Are The Electrical Connectors And Wires In The Electrolyzer Properly Insulated With Heavy Duty Shrink Tubing?

Some of these pre-made gas conversion kits only wrap the electrical collections (emerged in water) in electrical tape or liquid tape. To prevent the deterioration of these connections and have a long lasting unit both insulating methods must be used along with a final wrap with shrink tubing. Hydrogen fuel cell units that don’t take this vital step tend to work fine for a while but short out after a few months.

3: Does The Unit Shut Off Automatically When You Turn The Engine Off?

This is a must-have safety requirement of any good hydrogen fuel generator. Ask the maker of the unit if it stops producing HHO gas automatically when you turn your engine off. All good hydrogen car conversion kits should include this feature and not just use a toggle switch to turn the unit on and off manually which can come with the risk of causing an explosion.

4: Has The Unit Been Properly Sealed And Will It Stay That Way?

If the vital parts of these hydrogen fuel generators are not sealed (and resealed) properly, they will leak. As a result your vehicle loses power, you waist more gas and it can eventually damage your engine. Often the creators of pre-made hho gas devices can skimp on the automotive goop “so to speak” or not take all the necessary secondary “sealing” precautions needed to insure the unit stays sealed even under extreme conditions and well into the future.

As you can see, there is a good reason why the automotive hydrogen generator market is a do-it-yourself industry at this time in history. It’s because, until these types of gas conversion kits are embraced by mainstream manufacturing, YOU must control the level of quality put into one of these things yourself (in order to be safest and in order to have a long lasting unit.) If you don’t, you could be throwing away your money and risking harming your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.

The good news is, you can easily built a long lasting hho unit and water power your car properly! Just make sure to follow the advice given above when considering any pre-built or diy system and you’ll do ok.

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